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  • Nutritional Counseling
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  • Sleep Wellness
  • Sexual Dysfunction
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Our wellness center works to encompass your overall health goals. We offer specialized IV vitamin infusions and injections that will get you looking and feeling your best. If weight loss is your goal, we offer specialized micro-nutrient testing, body composition mapping, nutritional counseling, and prescription medication in order to help you meet realistic goals and expectations. Our services extend to patients throughout the Spring, Tomball, Houston, and  surrounding areas.


Can’t sleep? We can help identify sleep disorders and discuss treatment options for improved rest and relaxation. This will help improve mood, energy, and focus! Good sleep is the cornerstone to good health, improved mood, daily energy, and focus. If you have trouble sleeping, we can help diagnose sleep disorders or work on finding a solution to allow for a more restful night's sleep.

We offer home sleep studies that can be performed in one to three nights with board-certified sleep doctors interpreting your results.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual health and libido (sex drive) are important to intimate personal relationships and self-satisfaction for both men and women. Sexual disorders can be sensitive and difficult to talk about no matter who you are.

“Sexual dysfunctions are highly prevalent, affecting about 43% of women and 31% of men. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder has been reported in approximately 30% of women and 15% of men in population-based studies, and is associated with a wide variety of medical and psychological causes.

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Sexual arousal disorders, including erectile dysfunction in men and female sexual arousal disorder in women, are found in 10% to 20% of men and women, and is strongly age-related in men.” - The National Center for Biotechnology Information

Our providers can help you gain back this area of your life! Ask us how!


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